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Institutions that partner with LearningExpress empower their students and adult learners with the most comprehensive array of online tools for skill building and achieving educational and career goals available. Around the country, stories of how these successful partnerships have changed lives are being shared.


22K+ Utilize APL’s Computer Services – April 2, 2015

More people are utilizing the Andalusia Public Library thanks to an improved adult learning program offered through the library and job searches. Andalusia Public Library Director Karin Taylor said more than 22,000 people used the library’s 32 Internet work stations last year, with a large number of them using LearningExpress. “It’s a really cool program,” she said. “It helps with adult learning. It has resources to help them prepare for high school equivalency and credentials for the GED.”
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ACT, SAT Prep Materials Available at Library – August 28, 2014

The Newton Public Library has its very own “yellow brick road” called LearningExpress Library for those seeking electronic resources providing tutorials, eBooks and practice tests to help local patrons develop better skills.
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Long Hill Library Offers ‘LearningExpress’ to Help in Skill Building – July 15, 2014

The Long Hill Township Library is offering a yellow brick road in the form of “LearningExpress Library,” which will help patrons fulfill career and personal goals. LearningExpress Library (LEL) is an online app that provides tutorials, eBooks and practice tests to help develop better skills. The latest version of LEL 3.0 supports academic and career development as well as lifelong learning through tutorials, test-preparation, and skill building resources in English and Spanish.
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High School Equivalency: Why Prospective Employees Must Prepare to Pass
NAWDP Advantage – June 2014

The journey to workplace success has many stops along the way. The starting point for any job, however, is the same to become a competitive applicant—earning a high school diploma or a high school equivalency credential.
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GRE, ACT, CLEP! Oh, My! - March 11, 2014

The library has a yellow brick road for you to follow to get your very own Emerald City of help. It’s called “LearningExpress Library”, and your library card will start you on that road. LearningExpress Library is an electronic resource that provides tutorials, eBooks, and practice tests to help you develop better skills.
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LearningExpress Library™ 3.0 Comes to Tennessee - February 5, 2014

The Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) now includes the latest version of LearningExpress Library, an online test preparation resource for academic and career development. This newly-updated version features easier access to skill-building resources and new features designed to help students and adults prepare for success in school and in life. "Thousands of Tennesseans use the test prep resources in the Tennessee Electronic Library to improve their academic skills, prepare for careers, and successfully enter the job market," said Secretary of State Tre Hargett. "This new version provides even more features and resources for everyone in our state."
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Online Library Learning Resource Gets Upgrade and New Features - January 18, 2014

A free online learning resource, LearningExpress Library, has been upgraded and is now offering even more value to library users. The program offers math, reading and writing tutorials; ACT, SAT and AP test preparation; practice military and GED® exams; eBooks and much more. “We have provided LearningExpress Library to the customers of our partner libraries in Southern Maryland for years, but now it is even easier to use,” said Jennifer Falkowski, Information Services Manager for the Southern Maryland Regional Library Association.
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W.Va. Library Commission Receives Award - December 29, 2013

The West Virginia Library Commission has received a Partner Agency Award from the Region 2 Workforce Investment Board. The commission was recognized for delivering “workforce enhancement, training and support over the past year,” said Claude Hunt, executive director of the board. The commission with the board makes the online learning platform Workforce Skills for 21st Century Success available on the board’s website. The board in turn makes the system available to its constituents in southern West Virginia.
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Free Skill Building Services for Students - November 19, 2013

Austin Community College students now have free access to LearningExpress Library and its companion Job & Career Accelerator. The programs allows students to hone their math and writing skills, search through job listings, and learn about the job interview process. They also provide practice exams for the GED®, COMPASS®, SAT, GMAT®, and other assessments.
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New Library Service Provides Free Education, Job Retraining Resources - October 20, 2013

You’ve been laid off from your job, and there’s no provision for retraining. You want to enroll in a college or university, but want to brush up on your study skills or review some high school courses. You’re a recent immigrant to the United States and want to learn more about becoming a citizen. These are all reasons you might use a service that’s just gone online, courtesy of the Maine State Library. It’s called LearningExpress Library and it can teach a lot of people a lot of things.
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Northfield Public Library Offers Free Online Practice Tests with LearningExpress - September 24, 2013

Determined to score well on the ACT, LSAT or MCAT students often shell out hundreds of dollars in preparatory courses and materials. But the Northfield Public Library is offering another, much less expensive option for these conscientious individuals. “LearningExpress is free with your library card,” said Debby Nitz, the public library’s resource librarian. “You can take all kinds of practice exams.”
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Library Adds Learning Tool - August 14, 2013

A public library can’t afford to buy all the books that can help people prepare for an ACT test or emergency management technician test but it now can provide access to such materials through its website, Forest City Public Library Director Christa Cosgriff said. The Forest City library offers through its website LearningExpress Library. LearningExpress provides access to practice tests for ACT, GED®, and others.
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LearningExpress Comes to Newton - April 2, 2013

Whether you are trying to get into college, earn a GED® test credential, or looking for a new career path, the Newton Public Library's new service—LearningExpress Library—can guide you. "It's a really great database," Newton librarian Nicole Lindstrom said. "If you're looking to recreate a résumé, create a new one from scratch, search for a job, or get certified in anything, it has more than 800 tests and books."
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Decoding College Application Process - February 20, 2013

Before you dive into the college admissions whirlwind, check out the resources offered by the Skaneateles Library. Within the LearningExpress Library site, the College Preparation Center offers ACT and SAT test preparation, college admission and college placement preparation, and test-taking skills improvement.
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Jo Budler: LJ’s 2013 Librarian of the Year - January 7, 2013

Longtime LearningExpress supporter and friend Jo Budler, Kansas State Librarian, was selected as Library Journal’s 2013 Librarian of the Year. Kansas State Library subscribes to LearningExpress and works with other state agencies to be sure it is effectively used for education and employment training.
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Library Expands Online Offerings - January 2, 2013

Kilgore Public Library has partnered with a number of high-tech reading and learning web services for library patrons. “LearningExpress Library is a program that almost any age can use”, Librarian Linda Johnson said. “It’s basically an all-around learning system. There’s even a GED preparation course and a center for becoming a U.S. citizen.”
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Online Courses to Be Provided to Libraries - January 2, 2013

In December, the State Library of Iowa announced that the online series of courses, LearningExpress Library™, will be provided for one year to all public and academic libraries in Iowa, at no charge to the libraries. More than a database, LearningExpress Library can help jumpstart careers and education.
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