Military Flight Aptitude Tests, 3rd Edition

If you are serious about embarking on a promising career as a pilot, navigator, or flight officer in the armed forces, you must first pass a rigorous military flight aptitude test to enter into one of the elite flight school programs. Military aviators in the United States Armed Forces are among the best trained and the most well equipped in the world, and only the best and brightest make the cut. You know you have what it takes to achieve your dream—ensure it by preparing for your military flight aptitude test with this book.

Whether your goal is to join the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard, Military Flight Aptitude Tests, 3rd Edition gives you the targeted practice needed to help secure your place in the training program of your choice. This all new, completely revised edition contains:

  • Three full-length practice tests based on the official military exams: AFOQT, AFAST, and ASTB, with complete answer explanations
  • A detailed guide to help you prepare for each unique type of test question
  • Insider's advice about job requirements, duties, demands, and pay scale
  • Career tips to maximize promotion potential
  • The exclusive The LearningExpress Test Prep System: Your key to a higher score

CHAPTER 1: Becoming a Military Aviator
CHAPTER 2: Aviation Opportunities in Each Branch of the Military
CHAPTER 3: Test Maneuvers: Explanation of Military Flight Aptitude Tests
CHAPTER 4: Sample Military Flight Aptitude Test Questions
CHAPTER 5: Sample Military Flight Aptitude Test Answers
CHAPTER 6: The LearningExpress Test Preparation System
CHAPTER 7: Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT)

Section 1: Verbal Analogies Section 2: Mechanical Comprehension
Section 3: Electrical Maze
Section 4: Arithmetic Reasoning
Section 5: Scale Reading
Section 6: Reading Comprehension
Section 7: Instrument Comprehension
Section 8: Data Interpretation
Section 9: Block Counting
Section 10: Word Knowledge
Section 11: Table Reading
Section 12: Math Knowledge
Section 13: Aviation Information
Section 14: Rotated Blocks
Section 15: General Science
Section 16: Hidden Figures
AFOQT Answers

CHAPTER 8: Alternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test (AFAST)

Section 1: Instrument Comprehension
Section 2: Complex Movements
Section 3: Helicopter Knowledge
Section 4: Cyclic Orientation
Section 5: Mechanical Functions
AFAST Answers

CHAPTER 9: Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB)
Section 1: Math/Verbal
Section 2: Mechanical Comprehension
Section 3: Spatial Apperception
Section 4: Aviation and Nautical Information
ASTB Answers